Teemill Sustainable Packaging

Yardrock Clothing Sustainability and Environment Policy

Yardrock Clothing Sustainability

At Yardrock Clothing we are always pushing to have as little negative impact on the environment. 

Almost all of our clothes are printed and sent by Teemill. They hand select products made of organic cotton. Printing is done to using water-based inks that give the clothing a soft feel and a long lasting print.

Organic Cotton Clothing

The Organic cotton used is GOTS certified and is grown in India. Cotton uses a great deal of water to grow, all cotton used in our tees is grown in the north of the country where due to the monsoons, water is plentiful and irrigation is not needed.

The Dye used to colour our clothing is within a closed-loop water recycling system, it is not released into waterways but filtered, distilled and re-used.

Sustainable Packaging

All our packaging is sustainable. We use recycled cardboard mailers and no plastic bags around our products. Our packaging is rip and splashproof but made entirely from natural products.

The packaging can be re-used or recycled.

Yardrock Clothing Pledge

We will continue to strive to only use sustainable clothing, water-based ink and recycled products, to reduce our company's carbon and increase the sustainability of all our products whilst reducing the envirnormental impace.

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